About DIY Guides

To explore a new city without local help is impossible.

Asking the receptionist about the next bus or the tea stall guy for the local must visits, we all trust information coming from people who call this city their home.


Yet coming to new a place, and going through 20 different lists, each telling you 10 things to do leaves us really confused.

 Well, that’s what we are here to help you with. 

Information about a new city. A planned itinerary. Curated by locals. All on your phone. Sounds good, eh? 

We present last mile Do It Yourself Guides for a locality or landmarks over various cities in India that has

  • Crisp information
  • A planned itinerary
  • Route Maps
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Authenticity
What are these guides?

These are easily downloadable infologues that have a planned itinerary for you to follow to explore a locality or a landmark. These are arranged by Sherpas who come from all walks of life (photographers, historians, students) who have a common passion and stronghold over the locality.

How do I use them?

Each DIY Guide has a route map and information to accompany all the stop points. You simply read through, and step in. The Guides also have leeway for you to explore on your own.

Why should I trust these Guides?

These DIY Guides are curated by Sherpas (local guides) who know the nooks and crannies better than anyone else.Our Sherpas at SeekSherpa are photographers, chefs, students, teachers, basically, people like you and me who are passionate about the place that they  want to take you to. They’ve either lived there, worked there, or have explored the locality till their shoes wore off.  Its really hard to challenge them (we’ve tried).  At least 5-6 Sherpas curate each of these infologues to make sure that you get the most suitable experience (we have 10+ Sherpas for Old Delhi alone, over 50 for Aamchi Mumbai!)


With all of this, you’ll never feel alone in a city.